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As you may already be thinking, a dog with genetically modified will raise major ethical concern in terms of dog breeding, as it may also within humans as we continue to learn and master the workings of our own genome.

Double Muscle In Humans

Double muscle is still a condition under recent scientific scrutiny and testing, only having been adequately surveyed in humans since the year 2000.


Belgian Blue cattle.

Humanity Future

Like all cases we’ll be looking at as more mutations occur within the human genome over time, whether naturally occurring or knowingly induced, there is a philosophical question that will remain at the fore. How much do we tinker with nature?

As it stands, there are many good things that can come about from genetic manipulation. Today we have the ability to turn genes on and off, to up-regulate and down-regulate expression, or even use complex strategy to manipulate cascades along biochemical pathways, affecting expression. In short, this means we can alter many things within the body, including myostatin regulation. In laboratory conditions, double muscle has been induced within mice, and it is only a matter of time until there are enough data to significantly state inducing increased muscle expression in humans, among other things, is safe.

As related to current needs, developing foods that contain increased nutrients (some that would not even naturally occur) comes to mind as a pressing issue that should be persued. But as for genetic manipulation, within our own bodies, for no more than cosmetic purposes or to give “an edge” in life, is there a limit we should set as being too much?

These are important questions, and within most of your lifetimes, you’ll have to address these issues. It’s important to start thinking about these things now, as science and politics will progress, and you may find yourself with an army of clones goose-stepping down your streets.


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